The “Collective” Way



The Beckles Collective, LLC (“TBC”) is a Washington, D.C. based executive strategic advisory firm specializing in Mortgage Operations, Housing Policy, Credit Policy, and Distressed Asset Acquisition & Disposition Strategies.  TBC was has provided consultancy to U.S. Congress Members on the impact and implications of pending or proposed legislation; to organizations on optimizing their operations – from originations & securitizations thru servicing & REO – to meet execution, compliance, enterprise risk and ROI objectives; to investors, both nationally and internationally, in understanding the basics of the US residential mortgage industry, cash flows, distressed asset acquisition strategies and the viability of various segments of the mortgage value chain from loan origination, servicing rights and securitizations to the vendor segments, technologies and products participating in the mortgage arena .

 Needs-Based Approach

Our services and approach are needs-based and flexible, driven entirely by you and your organization’s needs.  Each of our consulting projects is custom-designed.  We do not offer canned solutions in search of a problem.

Consultant Model

The “Collective” operating model leverages our seasoned industry executives to bring years of successful leadership and consulting expertise to your project.  That means instant credibility with your employees and accelerated results for your bottom line.  Working in lock step with your Engagement Sponsor, Executive Management, and Project Lead, our industry professionals dedicated to your engagement are selected to bring the specific subject matter expertise required to address your particular needs.

Through validation, the engagement directors ensure a fulsome understanding of  your challenges, guiding principles, communication preferences, desired outcomes and the resultant value the engagement brings to your organization’s goals.  We then deploy a bottom-up methodology that identifies the gaps and focuses on translating needs into operating tactics with measurable outcomes, thereby eliminating barriers at the point of execution. This approach ensures that targeted results are achieved and sustained long after the engagement is complete.

Many consultants analyze and prescribe.  We don’t stop there.  We work with you to get the job done!



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